Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Armada, Michigan
In a once in a lifetime opportunity,.

image Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Armada, Michigan

In a once in a lifetime opportunity, R&F Plumbing was selected as the exclusive plumbing contractor for Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Armada, Michigan. When our long-time builders, American Heartland and Lombardo Companies, called to inform us of the project, there was an instant excitement to be part of something great for the Gilliam family and the community.

Our office staff went to work immediately, coordinating and planning with the project leaders to obtain the material needed to install and provide quality plumbing and heating in this new home.

Our plumbing crew being among the first groups on this home site to provide underground plumbing were equally excited. From the initial tear down of the old home to the last plumbing fixture installed, they shared a working experience that is one in a lifetime in the building industry. To have set a record build time of 53 hours 54 minutes is an accomplishment with complete focus, courtesy and respect in the working environment of behalf of all trades on this project.

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The water line coming in from the street is often connected to the water meter followed by a master shut-off valve for the entire home. Close this one valve and you have shut off water throughout the house - it's instant action for serious emergencies.

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